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My Physio is Your Physio

Tired of being in pain? Sick of looking for a solution? Recovering from an injury?

The physios at My Physio Perth are the answer to your physiotherapy needs.

Our passionate, highly qualified and experienced physios are here not only to ease your pain, but find a solution to your problem, too.
Whatever the pain, injury or cause, we can help you find the right treatment and solution.

We pride ourselves on:

  • Post Graduate Qualified Physios
  • Selection of quality male and female physios
  • Longer appointments to help get you better, faster
  • No upselling or unnecessary treatmen

Meet our My Physio Perth Team

Our team of highly experienced and post graduate degree qualified physios are ready to help you. Get to know our team here.

Adam McKnight

Sports Physio and Director
B.Sc. Physio, M.Sc. Sports Physio

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Ruth Chang

Manipulative Physio
B.Sc. Physio (Hons), M.Sc. Manip Physio

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Ciara Conway

B.Sc. Exercise Science & Rehab, M.Sc. Physio

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Perth Physio Services

Hands on Physio

Looking for pain relief?
Our Perth hands on physiotherapists and ‘movement experts’ will work with you hands on, to provide a long-term solution – not just a quick fix.

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Sports Physio

Want to get back in the game?
Our Perth Sports Physiotherapist has a Masters Qualification in Sports Physiotherapy and will provide you with expert care, including diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and most importantly, a return to your sport as soon as possible.

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Dry Needling

Searching for much needed pain and muscle tension relief?
Our Perth dry needling experts are here to help you get relief with a treatment proven to be one of the most effective for muscle pain and tension.

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Posture Correction

Suffering from postural pain?
Posture can have profound effects on your body’s ability to function efficiently, but our expert Perth posture physios are here to help. With a thorough postural assessment, the right advice and exercises, we can get your body working at its best again.

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Interested in seeing more services we offer?
Take a look at other ways we can help.

Common injuries we treat


Suffer from lower back and leg pain? You may have Sciatica.
We regularly perform sciatica pain treatment in Perth and can help treat and relieve your pain.

Back Pain

Is life becoming a pain in the back? Literally?
Back pain can be debilitating and often affects our ability to perform even the simplest daily tasks. Don’t worry though, because we are experts back pain treatment in Perth and can help ease your back pain.

Knee Pain

Injured your knee? Looking for some relief?
The knee is vulnerable to injury as it’s the only link between our hip and ankle. We’re experts in Perth knee pain treatment and will help you become pain free.


Sore head? Migraine or frequent headaches?
Headaches are a very common complaint in a modern society filled with stress, sedentary jobs, fitness, stimulants, medication, lack of water and sleep…. the list goes on. Whatever the cause, our physios are experts ...

Can’t see your injury listed above?
Take a look at other common injuries we treat.

Ready to recover and get pain free?

It’s fast, it’s easy and the solution you’ve been looking for. Our team are ready to help.