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Have you got a sports injury and want to return to sport as fast as possible?

Book online and feel better today with expert sports physio treatment by our experienced sports physiotherapists who are amongst the highest qualified in the world.

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It is hard to find a qualified sports physio Perth. My Physio Perth’s Sorrento clinic, near Hillarys is fortunate to have two fully qualified sports physios Perth. In addition to that, Ruth Chang is a musculoskeletal physiotherapist and ironman athlete in her spare time.

What does this mean for you? The best possible care to ensure an accurate diagnosis, effective treatment and rehabilitation and most importantly a fast return to sport.

Adam McKnight – Sports Physio Perth

Adam McKnight, our Director and qualified sports physio Perth in Sorrento has extensive experience in the sporting arena and has completed a post graduate Masters in Sports Physiotherapy. Some career highlights include providing physiotherapy services to the West Perth Football Club from 2009 to 2013, the State Football Team and numerous elite level Olympic athletes.

Yianni Louizos – Sports Physio Perth

Yianni Louizos is a fully qualified sports physiotherapist with a background in sports science and exercise physiology. He currently works with the Perth Glory as the physiotherapist for their up and coming talent in the youth academy.

Sports Injury Treatment Perth

Sporting endeavors often place extreme pressures on the body and inevitably sports injuries do occur. A thorough understanding of the mechanisms leading to your sports injury is essential to a successful recovery and prevention of re-injury.

Whether you’re an elite athlete, recreational sports star, or just enjoy exercise on the weekend, it is our highest priority to facilitate a successful return to your pre-injury function.

We understand the necessity of efficient communication between athlete, coach and physiotherapist and pride ourselves on ensuring minimal disruption to your training program.

Consult one of our sports physios at My Physio Perth’s Sorrento physio clinic and you can rest easy, knowing the recovery of your sports injury is in very capable hands.

  • Massage: Muscle tension, spasms or fatigue can all benefit from targeted massage therapy. My Physio Sorrento will work with you to help reduce pain and increase function.
  • Joint mobilisation and manipulation: Manual therapy is always a major component of treatment at My Physio Perth. Joint mobilisation and manipulation can be a powerful technique to reduce pain and improve function.
  • Taping: Taping can be a powerful method of providing support and easing pain in the acute phase. The Physiotherapists at My Physio Perth’s Sorrento Sorrento clinic, near Hillarys have developed taping techniques specifically for various types of arthritic pain.
  • Dry needling: A modern form of acupuncture, dry needling can reduce pain and improve muscle function. It can help with muscle soreness and tension, joint stiffness and pain and overall well-being.
  • Strength training: Specifically designed training programs which increase strength, correct posture and improve muscle tone can not only help with recovery, but also prevent further injury.
  • Post operative rehabilitation: Post operative rehabilitation is crucial for a full recovery. At My Physio Sorrento, near Hillarys we have developed excellent professional relationships with leading Perth surgeons and will ensure the line of communication remains open between patient, surgeon and Physiotherapist. We will guide you through the recovery process and back to your desired level of function.